Archer ARC-2K
Unsortiert / 11. Juli 2017

Overview: The ARC-2R Archer is one of the best-known designs still in use today. First produced in 2474, the Archer quickly earned respect and popularity among BattleMech regiments that was unequalled by any other type. Star League records show that nearly 100,000 Archers were constructed before the beginning of the Succession Wars. Most of these have now been destroyed or lost to spare parts depots. However, some production of the many Archer variants continues to this day in most of the Successor States. The Archer was designed initially as a heavy-hitting assault ‚Mech, able to pound defending units at long range as it approached. Over the centuries, it has also been used in a variety of other roles, ranging from city-busting to indirect fire support. Capabillities: The ARC-2R Archer is an early model assault ‚Mech. Its two Doombud LRM 20-racks can support and attack or defensive situation in the initial stages of combat. The two self-loading missile storage bins located on each side of the upper torso beneath the launchers are ample enough for continued bombardment as long as necessary. The four Diverse Optics Type 18 medium lasers are designed for medium- to short-ranged combat, with two of them positioned…

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